Project Description

Buckeye Ink is a company specializing in screen printing and other custom apparel processes. As such, we focused on presenting their services as easily and quickly as possible to cut down on any confusion or ambiguity on what each service actually entails. We also kept things relatively simple in order to eliminate any obstacles preventing the customer from contacting Buckeye Ink.

Project Details

Client Buckeye Ink
Date January, 2017
Skills Branding, Web Design, Online Retail

Logo Overhang

Buckeye Ink’s logo loses a bit of clarity in the smaller size that is typically used in website headers. In order to maintain legibility (and thus a stronger brand presence) we opted to use a overhang of sorts for the logo on the header. This way, the logo can be big enough to be read easily but the header can still be small enough to not be intrusive.

Online Store (Under Construction)

Buckeye Ink is in the process of creating and selling their own shirts and other products. We created a store template for them to be updated at their convenience. This will allow them to accept payments from customers directly rather than through a 3rd party application, as well as help them manage inventory.

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