Project Description

Lumberjack Landscape Co. focuses primarily on landscaping services such as mowing and bed maintenance. We wanted to let their work speak for itself, hence the prominent photograph of landscaping and the focus on pictures.

Project Details

Client Lumberjack Landscape Co.
Date December, 2016
Skills Web Design, Layout Design

Full Screen Banner

Again, we wanted to let their work speak for itself, so we decided to go with a full screen banner to draw attention to the landscaping. This let’s the viewer know what Lumberjack Landscape Co. is about before having to read a word.

Visual Representation of Services Offered

For Lumberjack’s services offered page, we didn’t want to simply list out all of the services that they offer. We decided to go with a visually based list of services. Again, this focuses on the work rather than trying to explain through writing and potentially losing the viewers interest.

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