Project Description

Scarlet & Graves is an up-and-coming clothing retailer that reached out to us to help raise awareness of their brand online. We did a complete overhaul of their website; everything from changing the layout to creating new eye-catching banners and graphics.

Project Details

Client Scarlet & Graves
Date July, 2016
Skills Web Design, Graphic Design, Online Retail

Scarlet & Graves web design by 937 Digital LLC. Online store with Big Cartel.

Online Store

Scarlet and Graves uses the online store Big Cartel, so we utilized their tools to create a striking design.

Image Editing

The new design of Scarlet and Graves homepage features a much larger slideshow than the previous version in order to grab the viewers attention. This meant that we had to create all new, higher-resolution images for the sites main page.

Scarlet & Graves Website Design by 937 Digital LLC. Banner graphic design
Scarlet & Graves Website Design by 937 Digital LLC. Html coding.

Working with HTML

We were tasked with creating a page featuring all of Scarlet and Graves’ sponsored athletes, along with outbound links to their social media. Due to the limitations of Big Cartel’s interface, this required us to design it solely through the use of HTML.

Newsletter Sign-Up Form

For an online retailer like Scarlet and Graves, it’s important that they be able to reach their customers in order to let them know about new products and sales, so we created a newsletter sign-up form that displays the first time a new user visits the site. The form ties in directly with their MailChimp account, allowing for seamless integration.

Scarlet & Graves Website Design by 937 Digital LLC. Newsletter Signup.

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