Wright State Research Institute

Social Media Management

The Challenge

Wright State Research Institute is a non-profit organization, and as such has a fixed amount of resources at its disposal. Unfortunately, this meant that we were unable to find any room in the budget for advertising so we were forced to grow their social media channels completely organically.

This was made even more difficult due to the nature of WSRI’s business model. The scope and size of their projects meant that newsworthy stories were few and far between, so we were tasked with finding content that, while not directly related to WSRI, would still be relevant and engaging to our audience.

The Solution

First, we had to analyze WSRI’s meager audience to see what they had in common and what they were interested in so that we could figure out exactly what kind of content would be most likely to be relevant and engaging. Then we took a more proactive approach and actively sought after users that we thought would be interested in following us. We analyzed our followers to see what¬†the most popular brands were that they followed, and engaged with their other followers. This proved to be incredibly valuable and increased our audience and engagement rates immediately.

As for the content itself, we looked at our previous posts to measure which ones had gotten the best engagement in order to try to replicate those same kinds of posts. So while we couldn’t post about WSRI specifically at all times, we could post about things that we were sure our audience would appreciate.

WSRI Social Media Management by 937 Digital LLC. Impressions and engagement rates.

Twitter Followers Increased


Twitter Followers Increased Percentage

Days Turnaround

Increased Engagement Rate

0.9% Engagement Rate

According to socialbakers, the average engagement rate for the top 25 brands on Twitter is 0.07%. We increased our engagement rate by understanding what our audience wanted to engage with.


272 Impressions Per Day

Over the last 3 months of our campaign we earned 24,800 impressions, for an average of 272 per day.

0 Advertising Budget

This all was accomplished without spending any money whatsoever on promoted tweets or advertising. Everything was done organically and through analyzing and understanding our audience.

WSRI Social Media Management by 937 Digital LLC. Impressions and engagement rates.

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